Commerce extérieur du Québec 1981-1998

    This report analyzes the evolution of Québec trade with the rest of the world using the data contained on the CD ROM Commerce international du Québec - Échanges de marchandises, 1981-1998, édition 1999.

    It contains:

    • an examination of the recent studies of FTA and NAFTA effects on the Québec, Canada and the U.S.A.: a special collaboration with Mr Pierre-Paul Proulx, professor emeritus of the Université de Montréal;
    • an analysis on the importance of foreign trade in the Québec economy and on the international and inter provincial export of goods and services over the 1981-1998 period;
    • an analysis relating to Québec's trade partners for the principal products exchanged by Québec since 1988.

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