As part of the Growing Up in Québec study, the Institut de la statistique du Québec will follow more than 4,500 children born in Québec in the early 2020s through to adulthood. Chosen at random, these children and their families will come from across Québec. A study of this magnitude, carried out with so many families over such a long period of time, is of exceptional value! 

  • How do parents experience the arrival of a new child in their lives?
  • What makes for a successful start in kindergarten?
  • How does sleep influence children’s lives?
  • What contributes to harmonious relationships with parents or friends?

The information collected over several years will help us learn more about what influences children’s development and well-being. The selected families will help improve the well-being and development of Québec children. We thank them in advance!

A first edition that speaks volumes!

In 1998, the first edition of this study helped advance knowledge and guide the implementation of public programs and policies. Even today, nearly 1,550 young adults are participating in the study by completing questionnaires, more than 23 years later!

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