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    Census of Mines, Quarries and Sand Pits (preliminary)

    Type of survey

    Annual census survey that collects preliminary data for the current year and intentions for the following year.

    Targeted population

    All establishments that mine or process mineral commodities extracted in Québec.

    These commodities can be divided into three major categories: 

    1) metals and metallic minerals (gold, silver, copper, zinc, nickel, iron ore, etc.); 
    2) industrial minerals (ilmenite, graphite, mica, peat, silica, talc, etc.); 
    3) construction materials (stone, sand & gravel, cement, lime, etc.).

    The survey includes certain primary metal factories such as smelting plants and refineries that process copper, zinc and ilmenite. Since bauxite is not mined in Québec, Québec aluminum smelters are not covered by this census.


    Census survey.


    Mineral production, ore inventories, volume and value of mineral shipments by commodity, number of employees, salaries and wages, hours paid. Data by administrative region and by commodity, and interprovincial comparisons.


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